5 Simple Tips to Become a Bollywood Singer

Hello everyone, if you are thinking about “How to become a Bollywood singer” or “What I have to do to become a singer in Bollywood” then you’re at the right place. In the next few minutes, I’m going to telling you what you should do for becoming a singer, not at least a singer but a fantastic singer who can make his/her place in Bollywood.

Simple and Genuine Tips to become a Bollywood singer, become a Bollywood singer, tip for becoming a Bollywood singer

Here you’ll get 5 simple tips to become a Bollywood singer, note that I said “simple” nothing else. Here I am not going to telling you that you should have many years of singing practice, participate in many singing competition etc. I’m sure these things you heard many times whenever you talked to someone that you want to be a Bollywood singer. So now, before we start there is a question that I want to ask you and that is

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Six Best Budget Ableton Controllers in 2020

Are you searching for the best budget Ableton controller? Here are the six best budget Ableton controllers in 2020 and I’ve tested them all so which one is right for you? Let’s find out and read the full article till the end because if you’ve got a little bit more money to spend I’ll talk about a couple of controllers you should check out as well. But for now, let’s stick to the budget controllers. In this article, I’ll compare features, quality, cost, intuitiveness of control, and more.

Six Best Budget Ableton Controllers in 2020, Best Ableton Controller, Budget Friendly Ableton Controller, Cheap Ableton Controller
Best Ableton Controller

Each one offers unique benefits and downside and I will tell you the most important in this article. Don’t forget to check the latest price of all below-mentioned budget Ableton controllers by below-given link. Let’s get started.

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Eleven Best Digital Audio Workstation Softwares in 2020

Here’s a question that comes up quite a bit what is the Best Digital Audio Workstation Software in 2020 for windows 10? And the answer isn’t going to be the same for everyone so in this article, I’m going to go over eleven best DAW’s in 2020 for windows 10 and you can decide which one might be the best for you. Download some of them and see which one is best for your style. They all have free demos. I just want to say that this list is in no particular order now let’s get into the best DAW software of 2020.

Eleven Best Digital Audio Workstation Softwares in 2020, Eleven Best DAW Softwares in 2020, Best Digital Audio Workstation Softwares, Best DAW

1. FL Studio

First up we have FL Studio, this one is great for people that want to work with virtual instruments & loops. FL Studio makes it very easy to work with MIDI & even the audio recording is decent. You can easily become a one-man-band or use this in conjunction with your band. One of the best parts about FL Studio is you get lifetime upgrades so you buy it once and you can always download the latest update for free. you also get some decent instruments and effects to get you started.

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Three Truths About Indian Record Labels

In this article, today we’re going to discuss the truth about Indian Record Labels. This article is divided into three parts, In the first part, I will tell you guys, what’s meaning of independent artist and what’s meaning of signed artist by a record label and of course The difference between being Independent and signed by a label. In the second part, we will cover how to approach a record label, To get your songs released. And in the third part we will talk about, What are the advantages and  Disadvantages of being signed by a record label. So let’s begin.

Three Truths About Indian Record Labels, Indian Record Labels, Truth about Indian Record Labels, Record Labels

1. Independent Artist Vs Signed Artist

So firstly let’s understand the difference Between independent and label signed artist. Independent means As you all know, being self-sufficient. Means that the tracks That you are making, are your own tracks. You have full rights on your content. But the disadvantage is that you have to put in the investment, in your music production, recording and video shoots etc. And even for promotions. And if we talk about labels, then Your song doesn’t belong to you, The label has all the rights reserved to them. And they can edit the track according to them. If they want to make any changes, so they can do that. But the advantage is, they put in all the money, From the best video production to audio production. Hundreds of thousands of investment are put in by the labels, but That is all at a given cost, And how that all works?

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Six Cheap Home Music Studio Gears That Works

Many of you are starting out in music production and you may have actually once thought what to buy. Particularly, some inexpensive things you could add to your studio. Today, I’m sharing six awesome things to add to your home studio. Everything is under $80. in this list, there are things to help you control your mixer and plugins, a keyboard, essentials for recording vocals, tiny synths, and something for beatmakers. All these Home Music Studio Gears tried and tested all of the stuff on this list. You find links to everything and the prices below. So, let’s get started.

Six Cheap Home Music Studio Gears, Home Music Studio Gears, Cheap Music Gears, Home Music Studio

1. Korg Nanokontrol 2

Alright, first up let’s get control of your DAW’s mixer. There are tons of great controllers out there but this one is super inexpensive, extremely portable, and just works. This is the Korg Nanokontrol 2. The form factor of this little controller is awesome the Korg Nanokontrol 2 has been out for a long time, but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. If you need something super portable and inexpensive this thing is great.

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How to Build a Home Music Studio for Beginner

Where do I start when I’m trying to build a home music studio? maybe you’ve been writing some songs or making some beats you want to assemble some tracks or some demos and send them out and share them with the world. Now, what do I mean by home music studio?

How to Build a Home Music Studio, Home Music Studio, Music Studio, How to Build a Music Studio

I’m talking about a small one-room space were with a few pieces of equipment. You can start transforming your creative ideas into listenable audio tracks, A lot of times these are referred to as writer studios and there’s a little bit of an assumption that you won’t get the same quality that you would in a big full studio but with the ever-growing increasing power of the digital audio tech world. It is easier than ever to make great sounding tracks right from home.

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5 best free music making iOS apps in the world

Hello, it’s another article of lyricspadle.in whether you’re just dipping your toes into the world of iOS music-making aaps or a seasoned pro looking to expand your music options. The AppStore is stuffed to the brim with all manner of music-making apps all vying for your attention and your heart and cash. There are some good deals to be hard however and it is possible to broaden those sonic horizons without spending a single penny. in this video, I’ll share my picks for the very best free iOS music apps that the App Store has to offer. Below I have wrote 5 best free music making iOS apps in the world.

5 Best Free Music Making iOS Apps, iOS APPS for Music Making, free IOS Apps for Music Making, Music Making

1. AudioKit Synth One

first up we have an absolutely essential download for pretty much anyone who is even considering making music on there i-devices audio kit synth one is a pleasant surprise and that not only does it offer the pro synth app experience for free it also surpasses many pro syntaxes in terms of sound quality and feature sets.

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5 easy tips for Lyrics writing especially for beginners

Hello friends, In recent weeks have talked to you a lot about song writing, I gave you my top tips for song writing to help you get started and also taught you how to analyze your favourite songs, so you could draw some inspiration Well today the challenge continues. I’m going to encourage you to write your first set of lyrics And I’ve got 5 easy tips for Lyrics writing especially for beginners to get you started.

Tips for Lyrics writing, lyrics writing tips for beginners, Lyrics writing for beginners, Lyrics writing

1. Consider Common Themes

Okay getting started with tip number one consider common themes So this is the practice of relating your real-life experiences with common themes as a way to develop a more Universal sound to your music.

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10 Best Audio Editing Apps for Android 2020

Do you search for an audio editing app for your android mobile which can fulfil your needs regarding audio editing? If yes then this articles only for you. Below I mentioned 10 Best Audio Editing Apps for Android with download links, and these all apps are available on Google Play Store. Here I wrote about Best Audio Editing Apps, those functionalities, those statuses (Reviews, Ratings, Downloads) on Google Play Store as per April 2020. So, let’s start to check it out these apps and choose your compatible app.

1. WaveEditor for Android

WaveEditor is one of the best app for audio editing; you can do record in WAV or Mp3, mix, master and edit your audio files on your android mobile. You can import audio files in 30 different-different formats, but you can export your audio files in only 6 formats which are AIFF, FLAC, MP3, OGG, PCM, WAV, so you are getting many formats for audio files exporting and importing. WaveEditor is giving you an option for multi-track mixing and editing using visual tools like FFT, Oscilloscope, and Spectrogram. You can use Undo, Redo, Copy, and Paste also as per your convenience.

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Five Simple Tips For Writing A Hindi Song Lyrics

write five simple tips for writing a Hindi Bollywood song, and here I’m not telling you about how to do fantastic rhyming, about the chorus, verse, music tools, music production, etc. only five simple tips for writing a Hindi song lyrics