5 Simple Tips to Become a Bollywood Singer

Hello everyone, if you are thinking about “How to become a Bollywood singer” or “What I have to do to become a singer in Bollywood” then you're at the right place. In the next few minutes, I'm going to telling you what you should do for becoming a singer, not at least a singer but a fantastic singer who can make his/her place in Bollywood.

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Here you'll get 5 simple tips to become a Bollywood singer, note that I said “simple” nothing else. Here I am not going to telling you that you should have many years of singing practice, participate in many singing competition etc. I'm sure these things you heard many times whenever you talked to someone that you want to be a Bollywood singer. So now, before we start there is a question that I want to ask you and that is

Do You Want to Become a Bollywood Singer in Actuality??

Seriously think about it, Do you want to become a Bollywood singer in actuality? Do you want to build your career in singing sector in actuality?? Why I'm asking you this, because of millions of people decide that they want to sing, they want to make their career in the singing sector and therefore many people's come to Mumbai and start their struggling life.

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But can they all have become singer?? Can they all have got success in their life?? And the answer is, absolutely not. Maximum people lose their dream and go back to their home. That is why I'm asking you this question. Becoming a singer is not a simple task, it is too much difficult. Only some few people get successful and become a singer. So, think once again.

And if you decided that I want to become a Bollywood singer only then you can dig into my 5 simple tips to become a Bollywood singer mentioned below.

1. Make Singing as Your Passion

This is the first tip for you from me that make singing as your passion, not a profession. I know this is a very small thing but believe me, without this I'm sure you can't be a fantastic Bollywood singer. So, please ask yourself first that becoming a Bollywood singer is your passion or profession? You want to be a singer or just a singer?

Why You Should Take This Seriously??

I think some people's are want to know why you should make singing as your passion, not a profession. It's very simple to understand. If you take singing as your profession then you will just want to be a singer and want to earn money. For this, you'll do only normal things like practising, take participation in competition or audition etc. And every single person is doing this same thing today. That is why you should make singing as your passion, as your life dream or life goal. After doing this you will be establishing some small unique things in you automatically and that is the required thing.

Simple tips to become a Bollywood singer, Simple and Genuine Tips to become a Bollywood singer

2. Self-Confidence and Motivation

Before doing anything to becoming a Bollywood singer, first of all, you need to build or improve your self-confidence and always try to get motivated and be motivated because you have to grab every single singing opportunity. It does not matter, where you are or what you are doing.

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If you see a singing opportunity where you can show up your singing skills then you must sing there and for this, you will need motivation. If you're are not motivated then you're not self-confident therefore you'll get scared of singing or get stage fear. And everyone knows that becoming a Bollywood singer is a very very difficult task for who is getting scared by singing in front of many people or who have stage fear.

Get Motivated and Self-Confidence to Be a Bollywood Singer??

Now let's talk about how you can get motivated and self-confidence for becoming a Bollywood singer. I honestly say, talking about motivation and self-confidence is too much easy but applying these two words in your life is too much hard. If you had applied these two words in your life successfully then no one can stop you to win the world, to achieve your dreams, to becoming a Bollywood singer.

How to be a Bollywood singer, Simple and Genuine Tips to become a Bollywood singer, Simple tips to become a singer

To get motivated, you can read today's star singers life history and watch their biography how they grew and achieve success. You have to observe their past and know what they did in their life to become a fantastic Bollywood singer, how much they struggled, how much they sacrificed, etc. There is only one way to build self-confidence, and it is, you must have to sing. Overlook everything except singing, overlook what people are saying about you, overlook people's response, even overlook how good you are in singing, in short, just sing. You see an opportunity where you can sing then you must have to sing.

3. Compete in Every Singing Competition

My third tip for you is, compete in every singing competition. See, this a very small and common tip and I'm sure you've heard it from many people but I'm assuring you that it's a very powerful tip. It'll boost your singing skills plus you'll get more self-confidence and motivation. Let's talk about some other benefits of this tip in a little bit brief.

First of all, you must have to check how much you have the singing skill and how do you get to know this?? The answer is, compete in every singing competition. That is the only way to know how much you are skilled in singing. One more thing, don't be get overconfident or overthinker, if you are doing good in the initial time, for example, you compete in your school or college singing competition and you won then don't suppose that you're the best. After knowing your singing level make your plans that how you can be better at singing.

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4. Get Activated on Social Media Platforms

Second last but one of the best and super powerful tips is you should get activated on Social Media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc. And make your fan base. See, if you're a good singer then you should make your fan base, who like your singing, who supports you, who can say you're a fantastic singer. For this, I strongly advise you that you can go with youtube which is the most popular application for watching online videos in India. Many people got success through making a video on the youtube platform, you can take the example of Emiway or Dino James or whoever that you know.

Simple tips to become a singer, Simple and Genuine Tips to become a Bollywood singer, Bollywood singer

Now, if you're thinking why I'm telling you to make your fan base on the social media platforms indirectly on youtube platform? It's too simple, you'll need a recommendation or a producer to get a debut in Bollywood as a singer. I don't think so that there is any producer in Bollywood who will produce you without seeing a single coin profit in you. Therefore I'm telling you to make your fan base because if you have then anyone will want to produce you. You can take the example of raftaar, Emiway Bantai, Dino James etc.

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5. Do Regular Singing Practice

I'm sure you had heard so many time that "practice makes perfect", it is my 5th tip and last tip for you. You have to do singing practise regularly if you want to be a Bollywood singer, rather, you have to do a lot of practice for becoming anything in any sector. So do regular, be regular and get success. One thing that I want to tell you, regular practice can become boring for you after doing it for some months or without getting any result, I'm requesting you don't be a lazy person do your practice regularly and be patience for the results if you are doing hardship on you then you'll get amazing results for it.

While practising don't forget to note what are you doing wrong or what's your mistakes because if just doing practice without noticing your mistakes then how you can correct them and learn from them. In my opinion, the best way to do anything is, just do that without waiting, without thinking, it does not matter whether you know it or not. Just do it, if you made a mistake then learn from it and do it again. This is called to try and fail method.

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Bonus Tip - Feel Your Song Whenever You Sing

In the end, I'm giving you a bonus tip for becoming a fantastic Bollywood singer is, feel your song whenever you sing. Now let's try to understand why I'm saying this and what's the meaning of this. If you ask me “what is singing” in one word?? My answer is “feeling”. As you know every song is made on a particular feeling, it might be love, sadness, happiness etc. That's why, if you want to be a fantastic singer and want to achieve success in your life then you've to feel that song while singing, which you are going to sing, it doesn't matter what kind of song you have got for a sing.

Okay guys it's the end of our 5 Simple Tips to become a Bollywood singer list. I hope you all understand what I'm try to saying.

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