Three Truths About Indian Record Labels

In this article, today we're going to discuss the truth about Indian Record Labels. This article is divided into three parts, In the first part, I will tell you guys, what's meaning of independent artist and what's meaning of signed artist by a record label and of course The difference between being Independent and signed by a label. In the second part, we will cover how to approach a record label, To get your songs released. And in the third part we will talk about, What are the advantages and  Disadvantages of being signed by a record label. So let’s begin.

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1. Independent Artist Vs Signed Artist

So firstly let’s understand the difference Between independent and label signed artist. Independent means As you all know, being self-sufficient. Means that the tracks That you are making, are your own tracks. You have full rights on your content. But the disadvantage is that you have to put in the investment, in your music production, recording and video shoots etc. And even for promotions. And if we talk about labels, then Your song doesn’t belong to you, The label has all the rights reserved to them. And they can edit the track according to them. If they want to make any changes, so they can do that. But the advantage is, they put in all the money, From the best video production to audio production. Hundreds of thousands of investment are put in by the labels, but That is all at a given cost, And how that all works?

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We will see in the next few paragraphs,  and if you read this article at the end. So I’m sure all your doubts will be cleared. Let’s move on to the next part. And let’s discuss how to approach a label.

2. How to Approach a Label?

Now let's talk about the second truth about Indian Record Labels. The first point to approach a record label to get your songs released is, to have good content. But good content is a relative term. By good content I mean, Which audience you want to cater to, Where do you want to sell your music. And the other thing is how good are you at it?

So the best example for this is, If you are working on a Punjabi commercial track, So you have to target the party audience. So you can’t go to an indie label that supports Independent music. Similarly, If you are an independent artist, There are very less chances that a label might sign you. Until their audience want’s to hear you. They won’t sign you, because, in the end, everyone is looking for a profit. And labels earn the most profit When their audience is engaged and impressed.

Let’s get to the second point, That will help you when you are approaching a label. They see how is your social media engagement. Therefore, always remember one thing, that no famous label would want  To promote you from scratch. Any famous label will sign you if you have a fan following when you know how to engage your audience Because unless and until you have A fan following, the label can’t know how are you as a person, How the audience responds to you apart from your music. Label considers all these things in point.

Do labels also consider that how is your personality? So a very important point is that The label will invest money on your Video and audio and promotions When they know they will get their money back. And to get that money back, they will sell not just your songs, They will want to sell you as a brand. So you have to make sure, you have an attractive personality, Have good attributes. Because attitude is the Only  Thing that you can’t fake for a long time. So your real attitude should be, humble and down to earth.

These things are also considered by the label Because they see your long term growth. So if you have such quality that is different from others, So that people would want to follow you, People get influenced by you. These things will benefit you if you are approaching a label. But, again the first point is very important That you should have good content, Because if you don’t have good content, then other things won’t help you.

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With this, there is an additional thing that I want to share with you all, Recently there was an interactive session with Jubin Nautiyal, You all must be knowing him, he’s a renowned Bollywood singer. So he came and someone asked him a question, Because his dad is a big  Politician in his state, so they asked him, What benefits did you have because of your dad? Jubin said a very important thing, He said that music is the only field, Where recommendations don’t work. Even if you come into the industry, it doesn’t guarantee you success.

In the end, we have to listen to those songs, You have to listen to those songs as audience And until you enjoy it, unless you want that artist to give songs. That’s why a lot of artists come through labels And go, we don’t even remember them. In order to sustain, you have to be True to yourself and your art. Create good content, work on your personal development, Work on your personality, and definitely, you will get success.

With this let’s go to the last section, Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of a record label.

3. Advantages and Disadvantages of a Record Label

Third and the last truth about Indian record labels. Firstly if we talk about the advantages, The first advantage is that they bear all your expenses, From your travel to the video shoot, Audio production and not just that, they work on your promotions On all social media platforms, a whole team Is working behind you. Now if we talk about the disadvantages. All this money is earned back, through you in the end, in the way that The ownership of your song is with the label, That means you don’t have any rights to the song. In addition to this, all the live shows you do, A percentage of that goes to the labels as well. And with this.

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Again if we talk about the advantage of labels, is that if your content is really good, for example, Guru Randhawa, you can see how fast he rose to fame and success as he signed T-Series. So if your content is good, the label  Will make you a good brand quickly. But again talking about disadvantage, So the disadvantage is that their contracts Are very long term, as far as I’ve heard, the contract is at least 2 to 3 years long. That means in those 3 years, You can’t do anything without the permission of your label, You can’t even collaborate with anyone. They will totally control you in Musical domain, what content to make, What to change in your content, Which artists to collaborate with, you’ll  Have to do all this with their permission.


I hope you got some clarity on Today's Record Label Truth. The bonus is, what's my point of view That you should go with independent Or a record label? it’s very important to know That I am not with one thing, nor am I against anything, Whatever you find more comfortable, you should go with it. But I would like to share some inputs from my side. I’m pretty sure, you all will agree that even if you  Belong to a middle-class family, but still if you save money, you can buy a basic Audio recording setup. And these days, There are a lot of good facilities on YouTube and the internet, That you can learn to do basic production yourself.

I know that to be a professional you need guidance, but Least you can reach a level where you can Justify your content and the audience can feel your feelings. For this simply, you need to step out of your comfort zone. There's a quote


This means that if this thing was easy to do, Then wouldn’t everyone must be doing it. Obviously, you will have to put a little bit more effort In comparison to others, if you want to do something different, Something big. And step out of your comfort zone and after all this if you feel that I should make good content, that’s the big thing, I can’t invest in all these things, I don’t want to get into social media. I don’t want to learn about video and audio production. I don’t want to do anything except producing music.

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