Five Simple Tips For Writing A Hindi Song Lyrics

Tips For Writing A Hindi Song Lyrics

First of all, Hello to all who have come here to read this article.
Here I am going to write five simple tips for writing a Hindi Bollywood song, and here I'm not telling you about how to do fantastic rhyming, about the chorus, verse, music tools, music production, etc. only five simple tips for writing a Hindi song lyrics.

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Who Needs To Read This Article

Every single person who wants to start his/her career in the Hindi music industry or a beginner one and does not know what to do in starting time, which essential points to remember while writing a Hindi song lyrics.

Below I have written five simple tips and a bounce tip to write a Hindi song, after that if you have any complaints or suggestions, please write them down in the comment box.

1) Connect With The Audience

Decide a feeling before you are starting writing your song lyrics, as you can write upon sadness, happiness, etc. And you can also categories these feelings in situations, for example, you can define sadness in many classes like a failure sadness feeling, break up sadness feeling, aloneness sadness feeling, etc.

Why I'm telling you to write on a particular feeling because these lyrics will connect with your audience with their heart, with their spirit, for example, you had written a separation sadness feeling then he/she (who two people whereas faced the problem of separation in their love life) have must give attention to your song but some people will do not give any attention towards your song which is engaged with someone special recently.

Sometimes we see many peoples are singing a song, but for a limited period and after that they sing another song which can be purely different from the first one song and this process will happen again and again but do you know why we are singing a particular song for a limited time and after that second one which is also for a limited time?

Because we connect that song with our life incidents, with our feelings, with our soul, for example, if you fall in love with someone then definitely you will listen to love or romantic songs, but if you break up with her/him, then you will listen to breakup songs or sad songs.

2) Easy To Understand The Words

When you are writing your song, make sure that you are putting easy to understandable words or which are usually using by the peoples. Don't use outdated words/terms or difficult to pronounce words. If you use the impactful and straightforward word which can touch anyone's heart and mind, then your audience will easily understand your point, and they feel very comfortable when they listen to your song.

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3) Make Easy And Understandable Meaning

From my point of view, those songs which have smooth and understandable meaning are getting good response and popularity from the audience. If your song is easy to understand for people then definitely they will know what you want to say and they will try to connect your song lyrics with their life.

4) Create Fantastic Music

Nowadays, music is playing an essential role in any Indian song if you have not written great lyrics, do not sing the song excellently, etc. But you had produced fantastic music which can touch anybody whether he/she is sad or happy. Just make fabulous music which can compel anybody for dancing.

Why I'm telling you to make fabulous music because I have seen lots of people who love another language song with understanding what's the lyrics those songs or what's the meaning of those songs they loved it to listen and they dance, for example, Punjabi songs, Haryanvi song, etc.

Here are some examples of great music songs

Despacito:- I don't think that I have to tell you about the Despacito song. Everybody knows it's a Spanish song sung by Luis Fonsi. It is a super-duper hit all over the world and India also. And now the main point, as we know not everyone understands the Spanish language, but most of the people love this song without understanding what's the lyrics of Despacito song.

Punjabi/Haryanvi Songs:- Punjabi or Haryanvi songs have extremely excellent music; therefore, most people love to listen to them and dance to those songs. Nowadays, I have seen many wedding occasions especially parties where these language songs are playing, and everyone hardly dances to those songs without understanding what's the lyrics or what's the meaning of those songs, they just loved it.

5) Make Sure To Analyse Your Song

It is an essential and influential part; when you finished writing your song lyrics then analyze it a minimum of two times and see is anything else which you can do with your song lyrics or anything you forgot to write that you shall. Before record, it discusses your song with your singer and takes suggestions from him about the song lyric. Once again, analyze your song lyrics with your singer after examining or changing something in your song lyrics.

What why do you have to analyze it again and again?

Because when you analyze your song lyrics, you will get new ideas automatically that you can apply in your song lyrics and of course you can find out the mistakes that you did. Therefore, it's an essential and influential part, and I'm telling you that you should have to do this at least three times, two times when you finished writing your song and one time with your singer.

What's the purpose of this point

If you are analyzing your song repeatedly then you will get some new ideas for your song lyrics automatically, and of course, you may find the omission and mistakes that you did. By analyzing the lyrics, you will get to know about your errors, and next time when you are writing songs; then you have to take care that you do not make such mistakes again.

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Bonus Tip

Write your songs on any incident that happened in your life

You can write songs lyrics on your life incident that occur in your life. Nowadays, many singers wrote songs about their life, and now they are successful singers. We have a great example of Dino James, who came into the music industry just a few times ago, and now he is one of the fastest-growing singers in India. We can also look at those singers who already built themselves like Badshah, Raftaar, You Yo Honey Singh, etc. these all are famous singers, and you will see they wrote many songs about their life, their struggle, their families, their love life, their success, and almost all songs are super hit, and now everyone knows that who is Yo Yo Singh?, who is Badshah?, who is Raftaar?

Why should you write about your life incidents?

Because we all know that we can explain very well that incident which was occur in our past life, that incident which we already faced it does not matter it was a good incident or unfortunate incident. Now the only thing left to write Hindi song lyrics, and that is impactful words, we have to use very impactful words which can directly touch anyone's heart.

These are five simple tips and a bounce tip for writing awesome Hindi song lyrics. If you have any suggestions or complaints regarding these tips or my blog then, please write them down in the comment box.

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